Town of Gravenhurst Supports Mentoring



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Muskoka recently applied for funding from the Terence Haight Financial Assistance Program to expand community outreach in the Town of Gravenhurst. We are happy to announce our successful application and thank the Town of Gravenhurst and the Terence Haight Financial Assistance committee for their support!

Town of Gravenhurst Mayor Paul Kelly presents the Terence Haight Financial Assistance Grant to Executive Director, Chrissy King.

With this support, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Muskoka will provide additional digital community outreach activities in Gravenhurst. The goal of these outreach activities is to increase our agency’s presence within the Town of Gravenhurst to reach our overall goal of recruiting more volunteers from the area. At this time, we have 9 children on our waitlist who hail from Gravenhurst.

We know that it is more important than ever that we reach our community in a new way and we hope this increased investment will draw volunteers to our agency specifically from the Gravenhurst community. Through increased outreach we will reach new potential volunteers who may not know there is a need in their area, that mentoring is still happening, or that virtual options are available to them.