RAMP Muskoka Supports Big Brothers Big Sisters of Muskoka’s Mission



Residents Against Muskoka Poverty (RAMP)  is a volunteer organization with a mission to reduce regional generational poverty in Muskoka by raising awareness and supporting programs that are working to lift people up, and out of poverty. Their mission is to build awareness and encourage support of initiatives that build self-sufficiency in the Muskoka community. They envision a Muskoka that is resilient and strong.

RAMP focuses their efforts on programs that help people overcome the obstacles they encounter in lifting themselves out of poverty. These programs directly address systemic barriers that keep people in poverty, provide some combination of the training, knowledge, connections, skills, services, attitudes, and tools required to liberate themselves from cycles of poverty. We at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Muskoka are so thankful to be one of these programs that RAMP supports.

Through their support, RAMP is building awareness around mentoring in Muskoka and the long-lasting positive impacts our programs have on the youth who are engaged with our agency. They have recently created an outreach campaign that dives deeper into what we do and we are so thrilled to share it here.

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(The story is true but the names have been changed for privacy reasons).